It is an innovative solution designed to simplify and facilitate the room service of your hotel. Your guests can view their room service menu on their smartphone, tablet or PC, in multiple languages and place an order directly, without the need to call. It is a cloud solution, requires no installation or server.







Differentiator and innovative
Your guests will be very pleased to use the technology for a superior service, allowing you apart from your competition.
Facilitates and improves service
Your customers may request directly from their smartphone, tablet or PC, the room service, intuitively, easily, quickly and without the need for phone calls.
Eliminates language barriers
The room service menu will be in as many languages as you wish, with images. Your guests can place orders without calls, a great advantage if they don't speak fluently your language.
Increase your sales

Facilitate and simplify how to order room service to your guests will allow you to increase sales.

Easy implantation
Intuitive and easy to use features. Adaptable to your way of work. Easy training and easy configuration on your account.
Low cost of implementation
No need to hire servers or install any software. Our app is a cloud solution, stable, easy to use, safe and at a very competitive price.

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