The solution is designed to be of simple implementation and to not generate extra costs or if it does, these are minimum.
Therefore, it is designed so you can make them yourself without extra dedication.
If you want, we can make the menu settings for you. This service has an additional cost that will depend on the size of the menu and the languages you want. If you want it, contact us
The steps for you to create the menu with estimated duration times are:

5 minutes

To register your account, you must enter only a few details of your hotel (name and address), username, password and an email. We won't ask to enter your payment details in your registry.

Then you must click a link we will send to your email to confirm. The account will be activated.

Remember that you have a promotion to test the product for 30 days for free.

Time depends on menu extension

With your username and password, you can access your account, you can create users, configure and generate your menu.

As a first step, we recommend selecting the languages in which you want your menu to be available.

Then you must create the categories in which products of your room service are grouped. You can write each category in each language and may include a photo.

You can then create products and associate them to one of the categories. Each product can have a description, a photo and must indicate the price and delivery time.

To finish setting, you must create the rooms.

15 minutes

Finally, we suggest you test the operation of the system yourself before you start using it with your guests. Once you feel comfortable with the solution, it is time to train the other people who will use it. At this point, you will be ready to start using it with your guests.

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